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  • Aboriginal contractors group set for launch in Australia

    Aboriginal contractors group set for launch in Australia Updated A group of Aboriginal contractors, headed by the Aboriginal Workers' Association (AWA), has been set to take control of a remote northern Queensland plant where a new $300 billion industrial project is set to go into operation. Key points Aboriginal Workers' Association members were at the forefront of lobbying on the planned mine AWA president: Labor's "big mistake" was to set up the commission But Labor won't confirm whether Labor's Andrew Robb is in the running to become prime minister if it becomes Liberal leader The Federal Government has confirmed Mr Robb will be chairman of the c더킹카지노ommission and he and his business partner, Mr Anthony Smith, will be involved in its development, due to be announced before the election. "We are at least one step closer to a mine," Mr Robb told the ABC on Tuesday. "We are in a position where we can use our considerable negotiating power to make sure that we are given the best chance to actually implement the mine, to ensure that this project goes to market as it should be." The Australian National University (ANU) said the $300 billion project, known as the Gorgon Mine and Northern Gateway, would be located in the remote, semi-arid Kimberley region in Queensland. Mr Robb says the government, not the ANU, will carry the full cost, but that the Government owned the iron ore, which was obtained in 2006. "That's why I'm very excited," he said. "There's a long process ahead of us, but my expectation would be a mine in 2020, if not 2021." There is already a proposed mine by Western Resources which is about 30km off Queensland coast and lies between the remote town of Mount Isa and the town of Gorgon, which is some distance from the planned mine site. Mr Robb told the ABC the company was "not an interested party" but that it was not clear if it was the best option, with Mr Robb warning that a mine would put jobs at risk. The WA governm우리카지노ent earlier this year approved the controversial project, but opposition to the minnatyasastra.come was based on the fact that the cost was well below the previous $40 billion Queensland mining boom. As part of the deal between Mr Robb and his business partner Mr Smith, Mr Smith is the chief executive of a company, the Australian Mining Association. Mr Robb declined to comment on whether the two would continue i